Treating Sports Injuries


Have you experienced an injury from playing sport?

The chances are pretty high that you or a loved one have tweaked, sprained, bruised or broken a part of your body as a result of a sporting injury. Neil Evans comments, “at Evans Osteopaths, we treat sports injuries very frequently, probably on a daily basis. Whilst we aim to facilitate a swift return to normal function, we also have a keen interest in preventing the injury from occurring again.”

Whether you are an aspiring Olympian, or just love to kick the ball around the park, an injury can be very frustrating when it interrupts your normal daily activities. Neil emphasises the importance of cracking on to treatment as early as possible, “you will see far swifter results when we treat in the early stages after the injury, ensuring a quicker return to physical activity.”

Osteopath Laura Randall also has a keen interest in treating sports injuries. “I have a broad interest in sports. I am a keen dressage rider with experience at international level and am also an avid skier, which has developed my understanding of sports injuries and the ability of the body to cope in different situations.” Laura adds, “at Evans Osteopaths, we frequently see sprains and strains that affect the proper function of tendons, muscles and ligaments.”

Common sports injuries that we treat include

  • muscle strains – e.g. hamstring, calf and groin pain
  • ankle, leg and knee strains – especially rolled ankles
  • wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries
  • shin splints
  • RSI – e.g. tennis elbow (also very common with gardeners, typing and playing a musical instrument)

“We use osteopathic manual techniques to effectively treat the injury, including mobilisation, manipulation and soft tissue stretching,” comments Laura. “Our primary goal is to accelerate your recovery, relieve any associated pain, identify any other issues within your body that may be contributing to the injury and also we work with you to prevent the injury from happening again, such as recommending suitable stretches & exercises.”

At Evans Osteopaths, we treat children’s sports injuries as well. Sport can place exceptional demands on young children’s growing bodies, and any treatment should be undertaken by a professional who understands the child’s need to grow with optimal strength, mobility and balance.

Often a sports injury can be related to another part of the body. Your osteopath will treat the root cause, and the area of treatment may surprise you…

  • shoulder injuries can be caused by tension in the ribs, neck, shoulder blade and upper back
  • groin and hamstring injuries often result from lower back or pelvic restriction and imbalances. This can be helped through proper stretching as well.
  • knee pain is often related to poor foot and ankle mechanics, thigh muscle tension and hip problems
  • shin splints involve poor mechanics of the lower leg and foot

At Evans Osteopaths, we want to ensure that you are back on the rugby pitch, or riding your bike, or swinging the golf club, or doing whichever your chosen sport is, as soon as you can. We understand the frustrations involved with sports injuries, and have the experience & skills to get you swiftly back on the path to recovery.

If you have a sports injury that needs professional treatment, please contact us to book an appointment.



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