Please be aware of the following precautions we are taking to protect all patients and staff visiting us!!

1.On booking we will check your general health and if you are feeling unwell, we are unable to see you until you have been tested. If your health changes before your appointment, you must let us know.

2. On arrival, we request that you wait in your car in the car park to limit the amount of time you spend in the building. You practitioner will come out to welcome you when they are ready.

3. You will be asked to use the provided hand sanitiser upon entry and exit of the building.

4. There will be no waiting room operating to reduce the number of people in the building.

5. Please bring a bath towel with you on each visit to us. We will not be using cloth table covers wherever possible to make sanitising easier between each patient. Please make sure you wash your towel on returning home.

6. We will not be accepting cash payments. Contactless EFTPOS is our preferred payment method. Internet banking is ok- please remember to put a name in the reference field so I can reconcile. Please respect we do not accept credit cards.

7. Please only use the bathroom in an emergency. We will disinfect it after every use.

8. All practitioners will place gaps between appointments so we can disinfect all surfaces between each patient.

9. We are staggering appointment times between practitioners to minimise contact.

10. Entrance door knobs and handles will be disinfected after each patient.

11. All staff have been briefed on our hygiene measures and are aware of these policies.

We believe these policies will help to keep you all safe. If you have any concerns or queries please feel free to talk to Neil.

Thanks for your understanding.




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