Does Osteopathic treatment hurt?

We vary our techniques and treatment protocols depending on the patient being seen. We often use very gentle techniques (especially for babies and the elderly) these are often totally painless.

Treatment is not normally painful for anyone, however, some of the techniques we use can be uncomfortable, depending on your problem. We always work within each individuals pain tolerance and if anything is too painful there is always an alternative technique we can use.

How long does a treatment last?

We allow 30 minutes for each session. You will spend this time one on one with your osteopath.

Does ACC cover osteopaths?

We are fully ACC registered and as long as your injury was an accident we can do the necessary paper work to get your claim lodged and your treatment subsidised. You do not need to see your doctor first for this.

Does medical insurance cover osteopathy?

Osteopaths are fully recognised, however you will need to check with your health care provider as each policy is different.

Do I need to see my doctor first?

No. Although we do receive many referrals from GP's, osteopaths are trained to identify any underlying conditions or risk factors so we are able to accept patients on a self referral basis. We can also do all your paperwork for an ACC claim.

What should I wear?

Preferably loose clothing such as t-shirt and track pants or similar. Treatment does involve moving you around so avoid wearing anything that restricts movement if possible.

Do osteopaths crack/manipulate joints?

Osteopaths use many techniques. Your osteopath may use manipulation if we feel it is indicated. This is very safe and only used when it is necessary and appropriate. The clicking sound is caused by a change of pressure when the joint is released.

How many times do I need to come?

This depends on the severity or chronicity of your problem. Acute problems in young people may only require one or two visits. More chronic, complex problems may require much more treatment. Your osteopath will be able to advise you after your first session.

Does it matter if I am pregnant?

No. We will vary our techniques depending on your condition. There are lots of pregnancy related conditions that respond extremely well to treatment such as pelvic or pubis pain and low back pain.

Are my personal details safe?

All information you share with us is confidential. Osteopaths are bound by the HPC AA act which requires us to protect your confidentiality.

Do you use cranial osteopathy?

Yes. Cranial is often used with babies and children. It is also very useful for headaches and migraine but can be used for all sorts of problems. It is a very effective but gentle technique.

Where are you?

We are on the corner of Southampton and Charles Street in Hastings. Near to Pak 'N Save. We have a big yellow sign outside the building. There is parking at the rear of the building. There is also on street parking on Charles Street right outside the front door.

Do you have Parking?

Yes. On street and off street at the rear of the building.

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I have used Evans Osteopaths for a number of injuries and issues both soft tissue and structural, finding the results of the treatment received very beneficial. Even with soft tissue injuries Neil and team have corrected any structural issues behind the injuries to ensure I stay healthy.

Peter Libby

Neil has been helping me through various different pains and strains for several years, and it’s been wonderful to know he’s there when things go wrong. The effective treatment and professional service makes Evans Osteopath’s number one for me to call on.

Daniel Holloway

I initially used a Chiropractor before discovering Osteopathy, and I knew after the first session that Osteopathy was what I needed. For me, this was because of the muscular treatment and techniques beyond the spine, that I did not get with a Chiropractor.


I have tried Physios, Chiropractors and other Osteopaths and I have found Neil is the best of all of them.

John Francois

Treatment from Neil has kept me pain free from a long standing neck injury caused through 12 years of caring for my sick mother. Physiotherapy and medication gave no success, so I highly recommend Evans Osteopaths for skeletal or muscular problems.

Margaret Walton

Being a keen sportsman, I have picked up many injuries over the years and sought help from a wide variety of sources. Since coming across Evans Osteopaths I have found their care to be of the highest standard and feel fully at ease with their professional manner.

Niall McCormack - Optometrist

I've suffered from chronic back pain for over 20 years. No treatments I tried seemed to have a permanent effect. But when I found Neil Evans, he thoroughly examined me and told me I had a pelvic problem. He is the only person who I can honestly say has been able to give me back my quality of life.

Katarene Hardy