Osteopathy and Your Baby

The benefits of osteopathy for babies
The joys of motherhood!  Welcoming a newborn in to the world is undoubtedly a time of celebration, but it can also be a time of great anxiety and many sleepless nights.
If you are having trouble with an unsettled baby, colic, reflux, constipation, glue ear and even breastfeeding – we strongly urge you to continue reading this article.
The strain of birth is a very physical process – particularly on a baby’s head and neck, and often can impact on the delicate nerves in the upper neck.  These nerves communicate with the intestines, muscles, skin and joints of the head and neck.  If there is a prolonged birth, a form of intervention (e.g. forceps) or difficult presentation, there can be additional stress at birth, thus increasing pressure on the baby’s structure, and affecting baby’s wellbeing once born.
Cranial Osteopathy is an effective, gentle method of treating a wide range of common issues relating to babies.  With treatment, we are able to affect a swifter resolution to the consequences of your baby’s birth.
At Evans Osteopaths, several of our team members have a special interest in treating babies and infants.  Natasha Arnott (B. Ost) has completed further training in Paediatric Osteopathy, and has achieved excellent results for many mothers in Hawke’s Bay. Our new osteopath, Margot Le Breton, who started with us in early October 2016, also has a keen interest in treating pregnant women and babies.
The two most common treatments we offer are for:
1) Colic
Colic is extremely painful for babies, with intestinal bloating and intense gastric pain.  This is a result of an immature digestive and nervous system, air intake from feeding and crying, gas-producing foods, over stimulation and/or allergic reactions.
At Evans Osteopaths, we can ‘calm’ the over-stimulated nervous system of baby, by easing the tension around the gut valve and applying gentle hands-on treatment on baby’s diaphragm.  This can result in instant relief, by relaxing the baby’s intestines.  We also will discuss a good feeding plan and methods of massaging baby’s tummy.
2) Reflux
Reflux can be a very exhausting and stressful time for both mothers and babies.  Sleep patterns are affected as a result of babies not wanting to sleep on their backs from intense discomfort.  This is a result of the irritation of the valve between the oesophagus and stomach.
Osteopathy can help calm the nervous system. Gentle hands-on treatment can increase potential space within the abdomen, release diaphragm tension and improve the function of the bowel, leading to a happier and more comfortable baby.  We also evaluate the mother’s diet and assess if changes can be made.
At Evans Osteopaths, we understand that the journey in to motherhood can be fraught with distressing situations, particularly if it involves prolonged crying and sleep deprivation.  We apply gentle techniques, holistic advice, and a professional approach.  Often, change can be noticed almost immediately.
 If you have any concerns and would like to try osteopathy as a solution for your baby, we encourage you to call us today on 870 3490.

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