Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Running

Tips for Being the Best Runner you can Be

Whether you are an social jogger or competitive athlete, there are always methods to improve your running, and reduce the likelihood of injury.  Here are our top 10 tips for sharpening your style and getting the most out of your exercise…

  1. Understand Your Gait  – Spend some time working out how you run – do you over pronate or under pronate?   Everyone runs differently.  Some people strike the ground with the midpoint of their foot first (which some believe is the best way to run without injury).  Others strike their heel or toe on the ground first.  Some recent studies indicate that runners do best when they run the way that’s most natural for them.  Perhaps visit a running shoe store where they can analyse your gait and recommend suitable footwear for you.
  2. Warm Up – Muscles need to warm up before running to avoid the dreaded cramp or, even worse, niggling injuries.  Warming up properly can also prevent that general sluggish feeling that can hamper a run.  Dynamic (not static) stretching and slow jogging will do the trick.
  3. Variation is Key – If you feel like it’s getting monotonous – change your regular route, update your playlist, run with someone new or even change your post-run reward!
  4. Get Familiar with the Lingo – Every sport has its own vocabulary, including running.  Get familiar with the terms and start speaking your new language!  A few examples for you…DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), Foot Strike (how your foot lands on the ground), interval training (slow jogging followed by high intensity running), etc
  5. Recovery Food – After a run, you need to build up those muscles with a good mix of carbs and protein, to help repair muscles and replenish energy.  Consequently, you will become a better runner as you build stronger muscles.
  6. Incorporate Strength Training – Mix it up a bit, and throw in some park bench tricep dips or lunges, whilst out on your run.  This will also help avoid monotony.
  7. A Long Run Strategy – Ensuring you have a suitable strategy is key to incorporating long runs in to your routine.  The right gear, drinking more water and adjusting your pace – and don’t be afraid to walk if your muscles become fatigued.
  8. Do a Race! – The best way to motivate yourself and start being more structured is by signing up to a race.  Keep track of your results over time and monitor your progress – it will be fun!
  9. Avoid Injuries! – Running can make you very injury prone, even with very simple mistakes.  Choose the right shoes with a lot of grip, start off slowly and remember that outdoor running is quite different to being on a treadmill.  When starting running, begin on the grass verge, rather than tarmac – as this will be gentler on your body (especially the shins!).  Also try to maintain a consistent pace – that is comfortable.
  10. Tie Your Shoelaces Properly! – Make sure your laces are securely tied with a double knot, to avoid any embarrassing (and painful) accidents!

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