Aging and Osteopathy

Osteopathy can help people of all ages

Over 50? That’s not old! And it certainly isn’t time to give up on your body. It is tempting to blame ‘aging’ for all the aches and pains, but the truth is that you can feel better – and osteopathic treatment will often provide relief for those in their later decades.

Wear and Tear?

‘Wear and Tear’ is a phrase often used by the medical profession, to explain general discomfort and stiffness. Those suffering will also often be told that they must ‘live with it’ as you’re just getting older. Well, we take a different perspective at Evans Osteopaths. Life isn’t over once you hit 50, you just need to explore new avenues for feeling well & fit once again!

But Will It Hurt?

Just because you’re ‘over the hill’, it doesn’t mean that pain and stiffness is permanent or irreversible.

One of our team, Margot Le Breton, has a special interest in treating older patients. She comments that “our older patients are often concerned that treatment will be painful or rough, but it certainly doesn’t have to hurt.”

We ensure that we remain within your comfort zone. Margot explains, “we provide gentle treatment, which involves slowly moving joints around, and encouraging them to move a little more, as well as stretching out tight & sore muscles.”

Common Issues

Arthritis is very commonplace amongst the older generation – but don’t be told that you simply have to live with it. Inflammation, pain and tightening of the muscles around affected joints can lead to loss of mobility, which highly impacts on quality of life.

Painful swelling is also something we see regularly. It may be a result of trauma, inflammation or poor circulation. Therapeutic work will provide relief – this will encourage the free flow of fluids by draining the affected area. Simple exercises will also help, that will encourage blood flow to the area.

A fall or an operation can also reduce mobility, circulation and muscle strength. Weakened leg muscles can affect balance and increase the likelihood of falling. We can help reduce the probability of this happening. Strengthening will substantially help, as muscles won’t get so fatigued and tight

In Summary

“We have seen dramatic improvements in comfort and mobility for a range of issues in our older patients who visit Evans Osteopaths”, comments Margot. “Gentle treatment improves circulation and restores movement. We also assist with re-conditioning muscles through regular strengthening exercises & stretching. All this will contribute to improved confidence and a better quality of life.”

Don’t just live with pain, or blame it on getting older – give Evans Osteopaths a call today, and we will do our absolute best to provide gentle, effective treatment that will seriously enhance your quality of life.



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