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It’s time to meet the team and learn a bit more about the Osteopaths looking after you.

Name : Izzy Storrar
Age : 24
Hometown : Swanley, Kent, United Kingdom

Tell us a little bit about you Izzy – I studied Osteopathy at the European School of Osteopathy where I graduated from July 2019. I moved to New Zealand a month after graduating to start my new career adventure at Evans Osteopaths which so far has been an amazing experience. In my spare time I love to be involved with sports and have played Rugby from a young age.

I also love to read and listen to a range of music. I also love travelling with my partner and have been on many little adventures around countries in Europe but my favourite place to visit on holiday would be Belgium (so much yummy chocolate!!!).

You are currently a practicing Osteopath, can you tell me a little about the work that you do?  Who you treat? Do you have a special interest in any area? I enjoy working with patients of all ages and treating a range of different injuries and health issues, including Sporting injuries and treating people with Headache problems has always fascinated me. However I have developed a special interest in treating expectant mothers and post-natal women as well as babies and young children as the whole pregnancy/ birth experience is such a wonderful process.

What do you love most about being an Osteopath? I love the fact that I get to work with and treat a range of people from different backgrounds and that every patient is different. It’s fantastic to be able to help patients understand their injuries and to work with them and see them progressing to achieve their health goals. 

You are (were) pregnant…congratulations…. Can you tell me about the benefits in your opinion of visiting an Osteopath during pregnancy? I feel that visiting an Osteopath while Pregnant has amazing benefits. Your body goes through so many wonderful changes in such a short amount of time while pregnant however it can sometimes put a bit more stress on your body than it is used to. I have been seeing an Osteopath throughout my pregnancy and it has definitely helped to reduce the amount of pain that I have experienced and has kept me very mobile which has also enabled me to continue working long into my pregnancy and to live my life as I normally would.

Can you tell me about the benefits in your opinion of visiting an Osteopath post birth? Much like during pregnancy, post birth your body again goes through rapid changes and has to recover from the effects of delivery as well as helping to support a new born baby. Osteopathy can help to reduce the strains placed on the body from pregnancy and labour as well as help with reducing the effects of the new activities that come with looking after a new born such as lifting car seats in and out of the car, leaning over a cot and potentially poor posture while nursing a baby. However one of the best benefits is it helps mothers to relax more and to better enjoy life with their new born.

What is one message you would give to your other mums to be out there? Pregnancy is such an exciting time but goes by so quickly, so I would say enjoy it as much as you can!! Also make sure you are listening to your body and accept that it may need a little helping hand long the way to help relieve symptoms and make the experience much easier and comfortable.

As Izzy mentioned above, Osteopathic care during pregnancy can really help. If you are pregnant & are suffering, then please give us a call – 06 870 3490 or book an appointment with us online.  
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Osteopathic care during pregnancy


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