Evans Osteopaths was established in 2004 by Neil Evans and has been growing ever since. We now have a great team of highly trained Osteopaths working in our three clinics across Hawkes Bay.

We are a fully ACC Registered practise and provide care to Hastings, Havelock North, Napier, Waipukurau, Waipawa and the surrounding area.

Our Osteopath Practitioners...

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Neil Evans

DO ND (Hons)

I graduated from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy in 1990. After qualifying I spent three years working in Hawkes Bay before returning to the UK.

In 2004 my wife and I decided to move to Hawkes Bay to live. The relaxed, outdoor lifestyle plus the weather were too much to resist.
I see a variety of spinal, muscle and joint problems, and have an interest in treating sports injuries. Whilst in England I ran a dedicated sport injury clinic looking after many elite and professional athletes as well as plenty of "weekend warriors!"
I enjoy attending post graduate courses each year, as I still (after all this time) love to learn and these courses provide me with new techniques and methods that keep my approach to patients problems fresh.
I really enjoy my job and never mind going to work. I see patients of all ages and from all walks of life. I love the variety of patients I work with and still get a kick out of helping people feel pain free again!
I love sport, (both playing and watching) and the outdoors. I enjoy mountain biking,road cycling, soccer, squash and golf. When time permits I love hiking and camping with the family.

Matthew Judge

Matthew grew up in the U.K. and trained at the highly reputable European School of Osteopathy, where he obtained a first class honours degree.

He uses a wide variety of techniques, from manipulative to cranial, and has a particular interest in treating sports injuries, headaches, as well as babies, children and pregnant women.

Matthew comments, "I look holistically at every individual, not just at the area of pain. By taking time to listen and assess an individual’s function, the root cause can be identified and treated - facilitating recovery as well as preventing recurrence. In addition, I am passionate about empowering patients through effective exercise advice and helping them understand their condition."

Tsitsi Maria Gwekwerere

I was born in Zimbabwe, and grew up in the UK, where I graduated with a Masters of Osteopathy in 2018 at Swansea University.

Since graduating I have worked in a multi practitioner clinic in Solihull UK. This opportunity allowed me to become confident in my patient centred management approach towards acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Along with this I enjoy treating various types of aches and pain, which can range from office workers, pregnant women and sports players.

As part of my holistic treatment approach I like using various methods including; joint manipulation, soft tissue techniques, postural advice and rehabilitative exercises. In my spare time I enjoy travelling, taking part in pilates, walking, cooking and looking after my adorable nephew.

Ilona Hamer

I was born in France, grew up in Reunion Island, and studied in the UK at the European School of Osteopathy where I graduated with a Master’s Degree.  I grew up with a dad competing in ultramarathons who took me on many training sessions and hikes through our tropical mountains. Here in New Zealand I am planning on becoming more serious at long distance running, get started at cycling and hike whenever possible. I also have more than 10 years of experience in horse riding.  

My favourite aspect of osteopathy is the partnership that I get to develop with my patients and I particularly enjoy discussing our goals and working towards achieving them together. My treatments combine osteopathic techniques and exercises to give my patients the tools to stay as active and mobile as possible, prevent and recover from injuries, and relieve posture related issues. I use a wide range of techniques – from the ‘softer’ functional ones to the ‘strongest’ structural ones – and as such can easily adapt to my patients’ needs or preferences. 

Colette Humphrey

I was born and raised in Napier, moving to Auckland to complete my tertiary studies. I have recently graduated from the Unitec Institute of Technology with my Masters of Osteopathy.  
I have always been involved in sport, having been a competitive swimmer from a young age and playing volleyball and netball during my school years. This has been a large influence in my interest in becoming an osteopath.  

I use a range of soft tissue, joint specific techniques, rehabilitative exercises and advice to address a variety of acute and chronic musculoskeletal complaints. I believe great results can be achieved when the bigger picture is considered rather than focussing only on the symptomatic area. I enjoy collaborating with the patient throughout the treatment and management process with the aim of restoring optimal health.  

Raoul Nash

I was born and raised in the UK and graduated from Swansea University with a Masters degree in Osteopathy.    

I have always had a real passion for sports. From a young age I used to regularly engage in a variety of sports and since attending university, I found my love for Martial Arts. I have trained in both Japanese and Brazilian Jiu jitsu and look forward to continuing my training in New Zealand.    
While studying for my degree I gained experience working as part of the British Karate Federation Medical Team. Working on and off the mat delivering first aid and soft tissue therapy to all abilities from children to adult Olympic athletes.   

I use a wide range of techniques, from joint manipulation to fascial unwinding. Through my years of training I have developed a key interest in the Osteopathic approach to Anxiety, Cranial Osteopathy and Sports Rehabilitation.   

Oliver Edmonds


I was born in the UK and grew up in Hong Kong. I then returned to the UK where I graduated from Swansea University with a Master's in Osteopathy.

The approach I take to Osteopathic treatment is a combined use of techniques, such as joint manipulation and isometric muscular releases alongside established stretching and exercise routines that can be used to continue managing aches and pains outside of the treatment room. 

During my years in Hong Kong I developed a passion for martial arts and the sea. I have now studied and practiced Kempo Karate for close to 18 years and have also spent quite a few years as a competitive dinghy sailor and coach. While studying in Wales I spent a lot of time trail-walking and camping and am really looking forward to experiencing all of what New Zealand has to offer!

(Starts Sept 2021) 

Meryl Volpe


I was born and raised in Italy, and graduated with a Masters in Osteopathy from Swansea University. 

Since then I have gained experience from three Osteopathic clinics in South Wales, developing a wide range of techniques, from softer approaches, to more direct ones. I really enjoy working together with my patients, taking a goal-oriented approach to long-term condition management and combining in-clinic work with out-of-clinic exercise plans, which I feel is the best way of achieving them. I have also grown a particular interest in stress relief through Osteopathy and visceral treatment, and I am working on expanding this knowledge even further.

I have always been a keen runner and have practiced different styles of yoga (including Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha) for 8 years, I love to cook and travel and can't wait to find out what new exciting adventures New Zealand has to offer!

(Starts Sept 2021)