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Terms and Conditions

Evans Osteopaths is affiliated with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand, and, as such, adheres to the guidelines stipulated in the recommended standards for promotional activity. 

1. If a prize or promotion includes treatment with one of our osteopaths, please note the following:
a. The treatment will normally be booked with the practitioner indicated in the promotion advert.  However, in some circumstances, an alternative practitioner may be made available.
b. Note that individual results may vary for patients.
c. Prior to treatment, the patient will have an opportunity to discuss treatment with the osteopath, to ask questions and to provide informed consent.
d. The patient has the right to opt out of treatment at any time.
e. The osteopath will not provide treatment if their assessment indicates that the patient is not a suitable candidate.
f. We will only offer osteopathic services of any kind if the patient is suitable and our treatment is appropriate.
2. Special offers are only available to those not currently undergoing treatment at Evans Osteopaths and have not visited the clinic as a patient in the past 3 months.
3. Special offers are available for a limited time and for limited numbers only, please refer to the specific promotion details for more information.
4. Competitions
a. Winners of competitions will be chosen at random, at the stated deadline for entry.
b. Winners of competitions will normally be contacted via email or phone within 24 hours of selection of winner.
c. Please note that winners of competitions may be asked for a photo .We will ask for patient informed approval in writing, for the use of any personal images or information related to your treatment, for use on our social media sites.  All promotional activity will be conducted in a manner that is accurate, balanced and not misleading.  Patient confidentiality is of utmost importance and all measures will be taken to ensure that approval is obtained before releasing personal information in a public forum.